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Useful Hospitality Tips!

  • Cool down the house considerably before the guests arrive
  • If planning an outdoor event, ALWAYS have a rain plan!
  • If parking is difficult, pamper your guests by hiring valet parkers
  • If a chance of rain, have plenty of umbrellas to borrow
  • Hire off-duty police officers to assist with traffic and security
  • Inform neighbors if you are planning a large party
  • Do not throw away boxes or lids for beverages or food until afterwards
  • Tents are an ideal way to add space to your home or event venue
  • Have plenty of double-lined trash cans around in obvious places
  • Have tables for guests to drop glasses & china while navigating the party
  • For a three-hour cocktail party, have on hand 2½ glasses per person
  • Rental glasses, china and flatware are returned dirty. Don't skimp.
  • Play five hours' worth of CDs at random
  • Suggest appropriate attire for musician(s), make sure the piano is tuned.
  • Strolling magicians, illusionists & artists can provide memorable experiences
  • The right linens, dishes, and chairs can add elegance and a distinctive look
  • Here's How to Fold Napkins
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