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Useful Food Tips!

  • Plan a menu that´s disaster-proof with simple, yet dynamic dishes
  • A complicated dish that must be timed and served is looking for trouble!
  • Serving insufficient amounts of food makes the host look cheap
  • Choose a variety of foods which are fresh and in season. Better taste & cost
  • It´s a good idea to give people what they like to eat, rather than subject them to a menu of new and exotic foods
  • Passed appetizers should not leave guests with trash. No Bones!
  • Always have a place for used skewers; a cut lemon is perfect.
  • Keep a main course simple and perfect. Choose a dish that looks as though you cooked it - a great stew or bouillabaisse will set you apart
  • Serve room temperature or chilled appetizers to large groups
  • Use servers for high-value proteins such as carved tenderloin or seafood
  • Have menu descriptions by dishes
  • Warn guests about spicy foods, nuts, wheat, garlic for allergies
  • Always have vegetarian-friendly foods available
  • Serve a "to die for" chocolate dessert. Guaranteed universal hit!
  • Avoid putting out whole cakes - Pre-portioning prevents a potential mess.
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